An app for doing what you need to get done.

Need to make it to work on time? Get that thesis written? Make it to the gym and work out? We can help. Our app lets you check in to a goal and keep your stake only when your phone's GPS shows that you are where you're supposed to be.

Set a Goal. Place a Stake. ShowUpToIt.

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Set a Goal. Place a Stake. ShowUpToit.

"I'll make it to work by 9 am on Mondays or I'll pay $20."

"I'll go write my thesis in the library every day by 11 am or I'll pay $3."

"I'll go to my Yoga class Tuesday by 5 pm or I'll pay $10."

It's that easy. Just make a goal and tell us where and when you want to be, as well as your stake. If you don't check in at the correct location and by the correct time using our app, we'll cash in your stake. We actually let you choose to send us a location using your phone's GPS to keep you accountable.

If you check in successfully by your deadline, your stake won't be cashed and you'll be one step closer to your goal.

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Why Use ShowUpToIt?

Form Positive Long-Term Habits

By allowing you to break it down into actionable goals, we allow you to build successful habits.


Need a little extra prodding to get out of bed and hit the gym? Putting a dollar on the line will provide that additional motivation.


Our responsive app works on web, mobile, and tablets. So you can check in to your goals anywhere, anytime.

See Your Past Success Record

Want to know how well you are meeting your location-based goals? Look back at your goal log and see when you are and aren't meeting them.

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